Cut safe comb

Cut safe comb. black


The cut safe combs will allow you to master or improve your

'scissor over comb' technique.The patented combs will take the guess work out of haircutting. From a super short fade, to a textured short haircut, the cut safe combs will help you achieve a precision haircut in the half the time and with the confidence of a master stylist. 4 combs in the set size 1 2 3 4. The combs are like the guards on your clippers.

Available in black and bone white

The combs can be used with scissors and clippers.

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You will love the control and the ease of use. The combs are a great learning tool as well.

Charge more for your short haircuts, give clients a more personal experience.

Nothing beats scissor over comb.

Available in Black and bone White